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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What is ayscan?  

Answer: ayscan is an image recognition app that connects analogue and digital, allowing users to dive deeper behind a photo or image.  Users can simply scan an image with their phone, and the app will take them to a landing page that further visualizes the product or entity behind it with photos, stories, video, and more.  


Q: Who can use ayscan?  

A: Anyone with a smartphone or tablet! If you like to know more about what’s behind a vacation destination, product, book, or more, then ayscan is for you.  


Q: Do I need to make an account with ayscan for it to work?  

A: No!  Just download the app, and it will work for you without making an account.  


Q: Is an Internet connection required to use ayscan?  

A: Yes, a connection is needed in order to take you to an image’s landing page.  


Q: How much does ayscan cost?

A: ayscan is free to use!  


Q: Where can I find images to scan with ayscan? 

A: Scannable images are in books, magazines, ads, and on the packages of products.  

  • Here you can find a list of interactive books where ayscan-connected images can be found: (I recommend adding a link that lists the hotel books, products etc. that have ayscan images) 


Q: How do I know if an image is scannable with ayscan?  

A: Any images from our connected, interactive books are scannable with ayscan.  You can also look for the ayscan logo next to the images on packages, ads, or in magazines.  (note: maybe this is not the case?)


Q: How do I scan an image?  

A: Using ayscan is easy!  Just follow these simple steps: 

      • Open the ayscan app, which will automatically activate your phone or tablet’s camera and put it into scan mode.  

      • Simply point the camera at the image you want to scan (no need to press any buttons), and you will be taken to the landing for the product or destination.

      • Click on the links or buttons to see video, web pages, stories, social media pages, booking sites, and more!


Q: I have finished exploring an image’s landing page.  How do I scan a new item?  

A: Press the back button in the upper left-hand corner, and you will be taken back to the scanning page - the app is ready for you to scan your next item.  


Q: Why is nothing happening when I try to scan something?   

A: Please follow these steps to find what may be keeping the app from working:

      • Make sure the image you are intending to scan is connected with ayscan.  It is possible the image has no link with ayscan, and thus no associated landing page.  

      • Check your Internet connection - you will need to be connected for ayscan to work properly.

      • Make sure the ayscan app has permission to use your phone’s camera.  

      • Try to keep the camera not too close, but not too far, to the image, so that the app can capture a clear picture.  

      • Be sure your phone’s camera itself is working properly.  ayscan may not function if there is any external damage, blurriness, or other hardware issues.  


Q: Can I save, store, or bookmark a landing page onto my app, so that I can go back to it later without re-scanning the image?  

A: While this may be a future feature of the app, at this point there is no way to store or save a landing page onto the app.  


Q: I represent a company/brand/organization/product.  How do I connect with ayscan to create interactive images?  

A: Contact us at and let us guide you towards the kind of project you want to create!

  • You can easily manage your images and landing pages, with pre-designed or custom templates, using an account on our platform at

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