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Enrich any printed media with interactive mobile content - fast and easy.

ayscan adds a digital dimension to your analogue media, including books, magazines, ads, flyers, posters, billboards, any sort of packaging and printed materials. Quick and simple, you can create an individual mobile screen to link any images to the digital world. This opens an exciting option to tell stories behind the scenes and let users and readers learn more about your products, services or brand. 

ayscan creates a seamless link between analogue and digital publishing. Utilizing augmented reality technology, any image can be brought to life and reveal related digital content such as videos, animations, maps or additional information.


Goodbye QR-codes, hello Photos

Often considered to destroy the good look of printed material, QR-codes now belong to the past. Instead, you can link any photo or image directly to virtual features. This technological advantage adds a new level to the usability for media like books, even already printed ones, and preserves their optical and stylistic integrity.

Go Live in Minutes

With our easy-to-use platform, you can create an individual mobile screen for any photo within minutes. Use our pre-defined templates, drag and drop elements without coding, and preview the results instantly. Our content management solution is the most convenient way to enrich your printed media with digital content.




Easy and fast

Illustrated books using ayscan template builder

Mountain Escapes
Trade Fair Annual
Best Unique Hotels & Retreats
Best Places to Rent on the Planet
Cool Escapes Mallorca
Cool Escapes Ibiza
Cool Cities London
Enhanced solutions 

Illustrated books with individual developed apps 

Cool Escapes Boutique Homes
Jahrhundertkneipen in Berlin
Cool Escapes Maldives


Want your customers to connect more deeply with your products? With ayscan, a product's packaging can take a user into its history in an illustrative, personalized way. Tell the story behind a product before it reaches consumers: from its inspiration, to its farmers and producers, to its packaging and shipping. Go beyond simple labels by providing real transparency into what makes your company sustainable and how the people in your supply chain matter. Show users exactly what their purchase will pay for, and even ensure that a portion of it will go towards a social project. 
Tell the story behind your products
The brand Chérie Chocolate of Food Concept Labare excellent samples of direct-trade products with a visible, people focused supply chain that ayscan helps show off.  

What People are Saying

Customers using our technology

ayscan enriches the reading experiences of our clients and takes them behind the scenes to cultural and natural highlights of the Maldivian islands”

“Thanks to ayscan, you can easily locate the oldest pubs in Berlin, call for reservation and experience other digital features while reading our book.”

"ayscan technology empowers our readers with the ability to discover more about our featured properties and book their vacation home straight from the printed book.”

"ayscan is a great solution to make our supplier chains transparent. With just a scan of our package design we are able to tell our individual stories about the products—from producers to poptin

of sales.”

Heinz Legler

Veronique Lievre

Sarah Budke

Food Concept Lab GmbH


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